Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Shaking off the Winter Doldrums

January is always a bit of a shock to the system. Once the glow of the holidays wears off and the New Year's Resolutions have  faded, we are left with winter! Always a hard time of year for me. This year I am fighting back. I am extricating  myself from the grips of too much comfort food, too many drinks,  too much Netflix, not enough fresh air and lack of motivation. How you ask?  

I make myself tiny "to do lists"! Each night in my iPhone notes, I write a couple of healthy things to accomplish the next day that are beyond my usual winter slothishness and I set an intention to make sure I do them the next day and voila..... I am getting stuff done. Even something as simple as  "Do a plank", "drink four glasses of water";  they all add up to feeling accomplished and even though they are baby steps they add up.

I am also keeping a mini Daily review/gratitude list in my iPhone notes that I add to every night. I go through my day and choose the three best things. Sometimes it is as simple as that wonderful feeling of falling into bed at the end of the day or speaking to a friend or the way the light looked spilling through a window! You will be more mindful of your day doing this, and will find yourself looking for the good. xo

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