Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 8 !!!!!!!!!!!

Awww, me at five years old :) There is one like this of me grinning but I can't find it. This one is nice too, gazing off into the future..... I used to get so excited about birthdays, I could hardly sleep the night before.
So hooray! Ta Da! It's me Birthday! Not worried about getting older, celebrating the fact that I have been given another year......and it is a wonderful gift. We should embrace our birthdays, life is ephemeral and we have to grab it and enjoy it and live it! All of it, the ups and downs . Even standing in line at the supermarket.....if that was the only moment left to you, you would cherish it.
I reflect on the dear friends and family I have lost and send love their way. It is precisely because of their absence that I am now keenly aware of the value of time and what a gift each birthday really is. So celebrate life with me today!

Spread some love and I will write down your names and pick out 8 winners to send gifts to! Make sure to leave an email address or some way to contact you:)

Have a cupcake for me, or a special coffee/tea, maybe even a glass of vino, do something nice for someone, do something nice for yourself, pay a compliment, donate to a charity, make art, read a good book, clean your fridge, do something that makes you feel good!

Happy Birthday everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to You and as Dr.Suess
says "Oh the Places You Will Go"
Enjoy your day to the fullest.
PS... great photo!

Sue said...

Hi Shelagh and a very Happy Birthday!! I think I will have a cupcake in your honor but there is no way I'm cleaning out the fridge!!! Have a wonderful day. Sue in Atlanta.

Sue said...

ooops...forgot to leave my e-mail address...

Twisted Hare said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a day full of Joy and Fun! We are going to celebrate a late birthday for my mom today (her's was snowed out in Dec) and my husband's 40th is Yay Birthdays and CAKE!

Fiona said...

Happy Birthday! I hope it's a good day for you and a good year.
I will be planning Miss Miriam's birthday - might see if sometime over the weekend I can't get a shot of her in a pensive pose like the one you posted - she'll be 5 too!

Mentioned you on my blog, though the internet was tired last night and I only added the right link this morning. Love "Fifona" (

Jeanne said...

Happy birthday
I love that photograph.
Much love and many blessings
Love Jeanne

May Heaven hear your every wish.
Love Jeanne

MsGraysea said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I'm going to enjoy a mini-cupcake with peanut butter frosting in your honor!
Also, I will make sure everyone I love knows it today! Just cleaned out the fridge yesterday. Wow, that feels good to have done.
Celebrate today!!
morsekittyl at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday dear Shelagh -- although I have been celebrating it for 21 hours already :P Oh this crazy time difference!!

I send lots of love and happiness and I love reading your blog every chance I get!

- Lisa

Flaxen Curls said...

Happy Birthday Shelagh! I will indeed have a fancy coffee in your honour today. ;)

tea_please said...

Happy Solar Return!

Tamara said...

I hope you have a fabulous day Shelagh!

fookaDESIGNS said...

Happy cake day! Yay it's my birthday today too!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great one...That's a lovely photo!

(88greenthumb on LJ)

Anonymous said...

happy b day padner, love padner

Anonymous said...

Look at you! How adorable is that photo? :) Shelagh, wishing you a year filled with creativity and prosperity and joyful moments. Blessings to my fellow Cap. Happy Birthday!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday Shelagh!!
I'm so glad I discovered your blog last year...we sound like kindred spirits. I completely agree with your philosophy.
I hope you have a wonderful day, and hope all your dreams and wishes for this year come true.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you!!
Happy Birthday to you!!
Happy Birthday Happy Birthday !!!!
Happy Birthday to you!!

I hope you have a great day Aunty Shelagh

From Jennifer (Hurricane and Numbus say happy birthday too)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Shelagh happy birthday to you!!!!

Hope you have a great day!! I'll have a glass of wine for you ;)

Love from Lyndsay!

Eileen said...

Happy Birthday! I hope it's a great one! And I do like that picture of you as a kidlet. Hard to imagine we were ever that small (or innocent!)

Anonymous said...

Hiya Shelagh. Have a wonderfully, special day today, on your birthday. You are one of the most inspirational and talented women I have ever met. You have such an optimistic view of life (like me) and that makes reading your blog very enjoyable. xoxoxox

Ronnie said...

Happy Birthday, Shelagh!!!
You made me happy with this post today. You are a cool lady!!!
Have a great love filled day! I have no doubt you will.
What a darling child you were. You still look the same, only bigger.

Lisa S. said...

A very Happy Birthday to you! May all your birthday wishes come true!

risa said...

Happy Birthday to you! I hope it's a day filled with bliss and unexpected surprises! Birthdays truly are a gift! risa

ikkinlala said...

Happy birthday, and what an adorable photo!

ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

Amanda Conley said...

Happiest birthday to you! You were a cute 5 year old!

Suzie Ridler said...

Happy Birthday my friend! You're getting great weather for it, what a lovely change. I hope you're enjoying it! May you have a beautiful birthday today.

Barbara said...

Happy birthday!

I'm a new Twitter follower - nice to meet you, and have a great day today!


Anonymous said...


I hope your day is fantabulous! May your birthday bring as much joy to you as your art brings to me!


Anonymous said...

Happy birfday!!!!

Sapphire Green said...

Many Happy Returns of the Day Shelagh!! I agree that the motto "Carpe Diem" must be embraced to the limit.Much love, M.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Shelagh...........born at 1.30am!
I remember this sweet photo well, taken at a French Kindergarten in St. Jean, Quebec.
Have a wonderful year filled with good health, happiness and prosperity
in many directions.
Warmest hugs, Mum

Anonymous said...

Hippo Birdies Two Ewes
Hippo Birdies Two Ewes
Hippo Birdies Deer Ewe
Hippo Birdies Two Ewes!!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday
happy birthday
we love you
happy birthday
and may all your
dreams come true
when you blow out the candles
one light stays aglow
its the love light in your eyes
where ere you go

I'm hoping that you can put the tune to the words (judging from your daughter's age, I'm assuming a familiarity with Sharon, Lois and Bram-or was it Raffi?).
I'm eating some extra gooey Turkish Delght and enjoying the flaming sunset.

best wishes
susan of frippery

Gifted Typist said...

your blog post really does resonate. Those losses intensify what we have: health, love, happiness. When I think of my friends Jann P. or Paula JW and how they would cherish the little stuff I do every day ... it makes me cherish it too

thanks for the lovely reminder.
happy b'day
I'm having a glass of vino in your honour

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday, Shelagh! What an awesome way to celebrate your birthday. I will definitely have something in your honor. You are wonderful and I hope your day was too!

Graciel said...

Dear Capricorn,

A most lovely and happy birthday to you!!! I just finished a bowl of red raspberries in your honor. All my best to you for a healthy and prosperous year ahead.


Nadine said...

Happy birthday! I hope you've had a wonderful day full of fun and cake!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Biiiirthday, dear Shelagh, Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu! I wish you the very, very best this year. And I hope you get lots of b-day cake, too. :)

Babette Fraser Hale said...

Happy birthday, Shelagh, a day late. I hope you had a lovely day! I'll just toast you now with a cup of tea, and wish you many more.

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday dear Shelagh. Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!
Many more to you. One thing I have chosen to do this year is to do nice things for others. Not just to be nice, but to do nice things. Life is so very short and each day is a very precious gift. I want to be sure that every day is a day worth remembering. Hope you had a wonderful birthday and here's to many, many more!


Jana said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!!!! I love birthdays too!!!!

Gill said...

First, thank you so much for the birthday wishes on my blog the other day!!! I am so happy you came to read.
And second, Happy Birthday!!!!!!
Capricorn's rule, don't we? LOL
Third, I love your photography.
And you were such a cute kid.
Enjoy everything today!!!!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

HI Shelagh!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear one! It's late evening, so you must have celebrated by now and I hope it was a wonderful one and that you are full of cake and ice cream :-)

Hugs, Pat

Chichiboulie said...

I missed your birthday and I've been thinking of it since the beginning of the month! How typical of me. My apologies and wishes that you spent a wonderfully warm and cheery birthday this year!

daisies said...

i missed your birthday too, have been too busy to catch up on my blog reading so happy belated and i raise my favourite tea cup and wishes you happy birthday beautiful, xo