Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunshine Cottage

original on eBay
Ah.... these days are not far away now:)

We watched Wall-E last night. I loved it, gosh they know how to make characters tug at the old heartstrings. Nice message too.
Just finishing a salad with this incredible salad dressing on it. Yum!!! I thin it with a bit of nonfat yogurt to make it less caloric. This stuff is wonderful!! Bacon and Blue Cheese, really pungent but I love that:) I've liked all the varieties I've tried so far. This is what the jar looks like so you can find it in your grocery's cooler.
Next on the agenda today is dipping my nose into the latest John Grisham book, The Associate, thanks to my local library. It is a fast read and entertaining, good mental bubblegum:) I am about halfway through.


Sara said...

Oh, that dressing looks blue cheese and of course I love bacon...

I'll bet the Ceasar dressing is good too... (those are the only two dressings I eat!)

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...well, i guess i'll have to check out wall-e. with a 10 year old, i see a lot of these type movies, but a friend took him to see wall-e, so i missed it and thought i had escaped, but now you've intrigued here i go again! love the cottage print and the dressing sounds good if i were a fan of bleu cheese. enjoy your book which you probably have finished by now!lol, xo, mickey

Sara said...

Yum. Sounds good. I was never a fan of blue cheese, but find my tastes are changing as I age. Now I'd rather eat a salad than have dessert.
Love the painting!

Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

Blue water and a tourquois sky... two of my favorite things!

ceanandjen said...

Goodness you paintings just make my heart so darn happy to look at.

And I heart blue cheese dressing...the stronger...the better.

Hope you enjoyed your book.xo