Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Wee Gypsy border, 8" x 3" $22 eBay
Sometimes just what you need is a small painting to tuck into an unexpected spot. I love art in quirky places.
This has been a quiet few days. Ive been cleaning and painting and reading and not doing much that might be interesting to you at all. Hmmm. The grass is getting greener:)
As you may know,I have been feeding the birds all winter and the busy wee creatures have left a big mess of sunflower shells and stray seeds under the feeder at the edge of my deck. I went to tidy it up yesterday and saw that there are dozens of sunflowers sprouting as well as other mystery plants! I think I will just leave them and see what happens.
Have a great day.


Teresa aka Tess said...

Pretty painting, I like the odd shape too. And the mystery flowers under the feeder, perfectly planted by nature. Those unexpected flowers are the best kind. Do take pics and share with us sometime.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

How wonderful to find Sunflowers growing. I love sunflowers, but I don't think I get enough full sun to grow them. Perhaps in my new garden.

Love the new painting; so bright and cheerful!

Kathy said...

Very cute and so cheery!

ceanandjen said...

Oh, here too. Every single day I look outside and really "see" the beauty and the green and the absolute birth that surrounds.

Beautiful border.xo

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

i love the wee gypsy border and i like odd shapes too. i love the idea of taking a spot that wasn't special and making it very special by tucking a piece of art in a now special little spot. ahhh, sunflowers, they are the essence of summer are they not? i love them. we plant them every spring...the big mammoth type. i love to watch their heads follow the sun throughout the day. it's as if the sun and its flower have a special fellowship that lasts from dawn to dusk...xo, mickey

Anne said...

Hi, Shelagh! Very cheerful! :-)