Wednesday, June 9, 2010

happy tasks

Headed here today with a friend from Calgary. Really looking forward to a lunch of chowder and gingerbread for dessert:) Looks like another gorgeous day out there. Click on the picture for a live webcam view of the Peggys Cove lighthouse.

I'm happy that Artful Penpals is doing well. So far 23 people have signed up and are excitedly waiting for their perfect match. The task of aligning people according to their common interests and dreams is daunting but I do the best I can and hope for good things. You do not need a blog to join and there are a few blogless people onboard.

Don't forget that the latest round of Sensational Snap Society starts next Friday:)


Sarah @ Mum In Bloom said...

Oh my heart yearns for Peggy's Cove. What a beautiful photo. We had a houseguest from Calgary once (my sister's boyfriend) who'd never swam in the ocean. We spent his entire vacation picking a beach a day to visit. It was the funnest summer I can remember. We went to Martinique, Clam Harbour, Rainbow Haven, Lawerencetown, The Bay of Fundy (somewhere), and Parlee Beach in NB. Everyday we'd wake up and say - where to today? Half the excitement was never knowing until we left :)

aliceinparis said...

Sarah, that sounds like a terrific idea. I bet it was a WONDERFUL summer.

S and O said...

I love all your pictures they're so refreshing and beautiful :D


P.s I'm now following your blog

Rebecca E. Parsons/Cre8Tiva said...

oh my dear i have friends who just imagrated to NS...they would probably love to connect..i am stopping by from flying glad to connect...