Friday, August 27, 2010

Halifax Big Day Downtown, part 3

Thanks to the genius people at the Halifax Downtown Business Comisssion, I was given $100 to spend as I liked in downtown Halifax. Nice huh? 29 other lucky bloggers were also given the same opportunity and you can read about their adventures here. If you want to win your own $100 Halifax downtown fun Visa you can follow the HDBC on twitter and Facebook:) to find out more! This is the final installment on my big day!

I decided to visit the south end of Barrington Street for the final part of my adventure downtown.

We stopped into Viewpoint Gallery, a place I have just discovered recently. You might walk past it if you weren't looking. Open 12-5 Wednesday to Sunday. It is the only gallery dedicated to photography in the city. Here are a couple of art fans, sitting on the other side of a divider, enjoying the pictures!

Viewpoint is a co-operative owned and operated by photographers whose work appears on the walls. They promote Nova Scotian artists and have a revolving mix of solo and group shows.

Next up is Carbonstok! Just across the street. A fabulous shop full of quirky and fun things.

The kind of place where you will find something and say to yourself, why didn't I think of that:?

Full of daylight and cool stuff to browse.

Lomo photography fun:)

I bought one of these..... look at the small illustration on the right to see what it is. I also walked away with a crazy head massager( daughter made me buy it!) and a funny book called Stuntology! We were reading it and laughing out loud. Very silly. Looking forward to trying some stunts:)

Hungry again and luckily, Uncommon Grounds is right next door!

I had a roasted veggie wrap and a chai latte and my daughter had a coffee. She was still full from that luscious cake a few hours ago. Yum, good stuff:)

This is a wifi hot spot and is often full of people on laptops.

So that brings to a close my epic day in downtown Halifax! I spent all my money, had a fabulous time, came home with some great goodies and a full tummy. The cool thing is, there is so much to do here that on any number of days, I could have COMPLETELY different adventures and not show you the same thing twice.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Great photos, Shelagh! Thanks for the tour!

Tvor said...

I love downtown Halifax!

susanna said...

It's funny, somehow I pictured Halifax as being a quaint little town, a small town, but looking at your photographs, I realized that it's much bigger. I had thought it was a COOL place to visit, though, and from looking at your photos, I was right!

Btw, that's quite the interesting and creative marketing event.

YogaNan knits, too... said...

No plans to visit Halifax anytime soon, but I know where to go when I do! This has been fun--thank you!

The Words Crafter said...

I have really loved this series. Your photos are simply amazing....and right now, they're making me hungry! I'm glad you enjoyed your time out there and thank you for sharing it with us!

Sapphire Green said...

I'm so glad to see some great businesses thriving and sad that others aren't. I'm all for the downtown vibe -- the mall atmospheres can't hold a candle to it!! I love Halifax and can't wait to return to see all the places you mentioned, that I didn't see last time. Thanks for being such a great ambassador, Shelagh.

gayle said...

Really enjoyed your Big Day Downtown ! Halifax looks like a wonderful place to visit and shop, and I would truly like to get there one day, till then thanks for sharing your day out and about.

Unknown said...

Love your photos! You nailed it when you said at the end about there being so many possibilities for spending $100 - the bloggers in the challenge are proof of that! Everyone has done a completely different combination of activities and there are many more that weren't done, I'm sure! Love your blog :)

FoundProdigalDaughter said...

I really enjoyed reading all three parts of your downtown Halifax adventure. I learned about some places I want to go, some I didn't even know existed, next time I am in the city. Really sad that PurAlternatives will be moving but hopefully they stay local. They are one of those places that I have been looking for in Halifax but didn't know existed and in such a neat little area that I walk by often and think, I should go look around and see what's there, but never do. Thanks so much for blogging about your day. :)