Sunday, August 29, 2010


Back to our regularly scheduled programing. Those big posts are a lot of work! I did have a fun time though. Sorry for all the scrolling you had to do.

I lost a follower. I probably lose them all the time and gain new readers (hello to you!) but don't always notice:) Silly as it is, after all this is just a blog, and I don't know who my all readers are...... I always feel a little sad when I do notice somebody leaves. Although I started writing as an online journal just for me, it has evolved into something else. I do wonder "was it something I said?" I want to talk to them and find out why. Does it really matter?
Of course not, not in the big scheme of things:) There are many great places online and people are exploring to find that perfect fit. I read people's blogs in google reader and so do many others, people are coming and going all the time and none of us has a clue. That is probably better.

.........we all determine how we want to spend our precious time based on our own needs.
So, onward ho and may we all find our heart's desire:) I don't know why I even felt compelled to write about that topic, I sit down with a blank slate and am surprised by what I write sometimes:) I am happy and grateful with how things are!

I've been gearing up for autumn back to business. Waiting for new moo cards. Have some postcards on order. Starting to work on calendars. Did a huge painting of flowers yesterday that I have plans for:) All this and trying to squeeze the last ounce from summer. What glorious days we are having!


Eco Yogini said...

I totally understand, I always feel a little twinge when someone leaves.

but then you're right- people's interest change. :)

Loved the big posts btw (and yay for autumn!)

The Words Crafter said...

We've been having gorgeous weather, but the heat is about to return :( I began my blog as a place to simply put my thoughts; my own personal space to say whatever I wanted when I felt like it. It was also an exercise in discipline-daily writing. Now that I've gained followers, I try to make the posts more interesting, varied, etc., but it's still my special place and from time to time, I still write just for me. I like variety and I think your blog has it-in spades. It's beautiful and interesting. I wouldn't worry too much....

Tracey said...

Hi, I've been a lurker but wanted to say "awwwwwww" sorry you lost a follower, maybe it was just a glitch or random act of digital chaos. I know that feeling though, I dont look tooooo hard at my internet stats or else I'd go mad. I love your blog, I'm from Nova Scotia but live in Arizona now and it's so cool to read and see familiar places and stuff but from a different perspective.
I like how your blog doesn't follow just one topic, makes it a fascinating read to look forward to. :) thanks!

aliceinparis said...

Eco- like the seasons:)

WordsCrafter- Thanks! I find that I am a bit more self concious now when I write but it is still my wee spot :)

Tracey- Hi! Oh my goodness, I didn't mean to sound like I was feeling blue or looking for props. I am happy with how things are:) I was just interested in the phenomenom of "following" and how that has changed my perception of blogging.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Love that photo of the chalk residue on the bricks!

Erika Jean said...

okay, I'm officially a "follower now" I dont honestly get much into the "follow" thing, since I just subscribe to all my blogs via google reader! (which says you have 438 readers!! not sure if that includes "folloers though)


aliceinparis said...

I think I might take this post down:) lol. I really did not mean it as a woe is me sort of thing and appear to be fishing for "followers". I do know that lots of people read in their google readers (I do) and none of us are any the wiser who is reading and adding and dropping etc. It is a lovely free for all!

christina said...

this post sits beside my heart, friend. i am nodding my head yes. : )