Friday, September 17, 2010


Let's Boogie!

I tried to make this psychedelic. Photoshop skills poor. This is where I was on Monday! Rollertown is a low budget movie written by and starring the cast of Picnicface (a local comedy troupe) along with an eager group of support actors and extras. It is set in the 80's and promises to be an outlandish mix of drama, disco, action, costume and humour.

On this day the shooting was in Alderney Park in Dartmouth right next to the ferry terminal. I am sure passengers were startled to see the mob of colourfully clad roller skaters zoom past.

It was an odd day alternating between sun and dark cloud. Must have been a challenge for the director of photography. A motley crew indeed.

I spent a day on set waiting to be a pedestrian. Like most productions, things take longer than expected. Spent time chatting with a great gal. Always meet fun people on these things.

This is Mark Little, one of the Picnicface members. It was a crazy scene with a crazy guy!

Try to hear Funkytown in your head by the one hit wonders, Lipps Inc. Great song. It sets the tone. Actually, click on the link. I spent a fun few minutes mesmerized by the disco dancers. Really poor quality but it is 1980 and probably came off a tv set. Video with primitive special effects.

Hennessy Casting is still looking for volunteers to participate, the shoot continues for a couple of weeks.


margie said...

how fun!!

Anyes said...

Did they already shoot your part in this movie or are you going to be there until the end?
When/where is it playing?

Unknown said...

I heard about this! It must have been so much fun to watch - the crazy outfits!

christina said...

this is SO cool!

aliceinparis said...

It was really crazy and fun. looking forward to it. I was just an "extra", a passer by for the day. Don't know when the movie's release date is.