Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chinese here first?

Bayer's Lake Mystery Walls

Wow, I just came across this documentary and thought I would share. Stuff like this fascinates me. Paul Chaisson is an architectural history professor at Yale.
The documentary will be aired on the History Channel in Canada at 7pm Dec, 11th (this Saturday) I copied this intro from the History Channel site, History.ca

"Paul Chiasson, author of best-seller The Island of Seven Cities, is convinced the ruins on Kellys Mountain, Cape Breton Island, Canada are a pre-Columbian settlement.

After ten years of exhaustive research, this compelling one-hour documentary follows Paul as he explores the history of the ruins on Cape Breton while a colleague studies an ancient settlement in China.

Was it a Chinese colony that passed on their written language and culture to the native Mi'kmaq long before Columbus' discovery of the Americas?

Mysterious Ruins: Cape Breton investigates evidence of Chiasson's controversial claim as well as the naysayers, neighbours and native peoples, as we follow his journey in search of the truth. For the first time since the publication of this explosive theory, Mysterious Ruins: Cape Breton will reveal all sides of the debate over what could be one of the greatest archaeological finds of modern times."

Here is a link to the documentary trailer and here is a link to a news story done by CBC Both so intriguing and the info is strangely compelling.The links to the Mi'Kmaq culture especially so.

I am wondering if those ruins might be connected to the Bayer's Lake mystery walls, which I wrote about here. ( before I knew how to make my pictures larger) There is a set of photos on Flickr here too.

I also wonder if Chaisson is aware of these ruins. They are a archeological mystery as well and are under protection. Curiouser and curiouser.....

Bayer's Lake Mystery Walls


The Words Crafter said...

Oh, I love history! If it's true, I wonder when they came over? And how...

aliceinparis said...

They say they sailed in large armadas. If you click on the video links you can see some examples.Fascinating!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Wow! I hope they run this again on CBC.