Monday, May 16, 2011


Here's a real Maritimey scene! Finished this last week. Just a small one 8 x 10. Not sure where the original will sell yet. I'm selling prints of it at the market.

"Holy Soggy Toast Batman!" It is still raining. Remarkable really. I don't think I've ever lived through such a long string of grey and wet days. Feeling bad for the farmers. Grateful that we are not in danger of the terrible flooding some places are experiencing and in others, drought and raging fires. Tumultuous times.

I'm at the Market again today. Should be a really quiet one. The Market has to be open every time a cruise ship arrives as part of it's lease with the Halifax Seaport. I am lucky because I can work away with my paints, almost like a studio away from home. Last week I met some folk from Colorado and South Carolina. The ship docks at 8 and is off by 4 so the passengers only have a few hours to visit the city or go on tours. Most of them dawdle through the building on their way back, just before the boat leaves. Wish it was a nicer day for them, hope they brought their rubber boots.

PS. Happy Birthday to a lovely friend of mine!


Sara said...

Love this scene!

Anonymous said...

Alice, What a lovely picture to brighten what is a rainy week here, too! Compliments on finding the live studio away from home.