Monday, May 9, 2011

Surprise visit

On Friday, after my workshop at the school, the sun was out, the the wind was salty brisk and it was altogether much too gorgeous a day to head back home right away so I decided to pop in and visit Jenna!

Jenna is the mastermind (chef) behind Little Red Kitsch'n. She lives in a sweet 100 year old house that used to be her grandmother's, in a charming wee village called Prospect.

She was hard at work preparing goodies for the Saturday market and I happily had some fun snapping some pics of her kitchen while she worked and we chatted. Aren't these storage containers fun?

She was making gyoza, little Japanese potstickers. Part of a 'mix and match' take home meal she was putting together for the weekend market. I was mesmerized watching these little parcels get folded , over and over...

I'm a sucker for hand written recipes. This was pinned on a little corkboard.

And check THIS out. The dark blue? That is the ocean!!! Right out her kitchen window! What a spot.

I'm actually going to do a proper write up on Jenna soon (She's a Cordon Blue trained chef) and she will be sharing one of her recipes. Should be fun. She also has a facebook page.

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Suzie Ridler said...

Oh yum, those looks so good and I'm a sucker for hand-writtenr recipes too. Beautiful post Shelagh!