Monday, May 27, 2013

May Monday

Spring! So beeeeutiiiifulll!!
I iust went for a short run. I seem to have gotten out of that easy isn't it to let the exercise slide:) Will try to do a bit of p90X later today. I started it and then went to NYC and now have to start all over again. Felt so sore the first week, not looking forward to that, but looking forward to results. Haha we shall see.
New York was a fast busy and very educational trip. I'm full of ideas and plans and inspiration:) The Surtex Show was almost overwhelming but I am so glad I went. I will try to sum up some of what I learned about art licensing in a post to come.
So today I've got a ton of painting to do and paperwork to do and supplies to buy and printing and people to contact and, and, and, ....Hello Monday! What's your day looking like?

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leendadll said...

Monday was a holiday in the US so I spent it mostly doing nothing.

I was in NY about 20 years ago. Loved the energy but can't imagine living like that. A week was more than enough for me!

Glad you had a good time.