Monday, April 25, 2016

Re-cap Paint Day April 24

 Paint, glorious paint!  Once again I had a lot of fun at my painting workshop on April 24th. It was held at one of my favourite places, Fruition Cafe on Coburg Road.
What a great bunch of diligent bunch of artists (when they weren`t laughing!) I painted along with them as well as instructing. We were recreating a lighthouse and beautiful coloured sky.

 Sunset or dawn...hmmmm.
We laid out the paintings to dry and make room on the tables for a yummy lunch. Gorgeous!
Then we were back at it! Listening to Motown music and painting up a storm.
I painted the sides of the canvases before the workshop and the green tape keeps them free from paint. We just peel it off after.

Tah dah! The paintings are wonderful!! All the same and yet different. Thanks so much everyone. I had a lovely time:)
 Next one is MAY 15TH, you can find out more HERE!

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could make it! Your paintings are soooo much cuter than what's offered at the "wine & paint" classes found around here.

1 question: Why are all the student paintings oriented the opposite of yours? I'm thinking it had to be some kind of projection issue, flipping the image, but I can't figure it out completely.