Monday, February 16, 2009


This strange little mannequin was in the window of a local shop called Peep Show. Something vaguely creepy about her and her friend. I was trying to figure out why I felt slightly uncomfortable. I think we are so reliant on faces to give us clues about situations and intent, that even a mannequin's hidden expression throws us off. Throws me off anyway:)

I had to relist this painting again. I fixed the image to make it brighter and then discovered that all the pictures in the auction had all disappeared:( Because there was a bid on it (yay) I could not go in and put them back. The only thing left to do was end it early and relist again! I contacted the bidder to let them know. Another lesson learned.

Today is more painting, and a bit of exercise and maybe the start of some Spring Cleaning.

If you have not done so.... please take a look HERE and HERE and think about donating even a tiny amount. Thousands of animals have been displaced and injured and there is a dire need for help. They had already been under tremendous strain before the fires because of the searingly high temperatures and the ongoing drought. Many are suffering from burns, lack of food and water and habitat.

Thanks to SumpnSassy! She sent me an email this morning telling me about the little feature she did. Fun to see my prints in unexpected places:)


JMS said...

I just found your blog through SumpnSassy...and I just had to tell you how much I LOVE your work! I'm now a devoted "follower" and will check up on you regularly! Thanks for sharing your wonderful creativity with us non-creative folks!

Jennifer @ Random Ramblings

Loth said...

Pig masks creep me out anyway. My boys had one and they stuck it up above the door of their playhouse in the garden. Reminded me of Lord of the Flies. Eurgh.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Love your blog and your paintings. I especially loved the lupin pic, but alas! It has been scooped up already.

Nice to meet a fellow Nova Scotian and blogger. I am just a wee baby blogger who's not quite sure what she's doing. But ain't it fun!

Mary said...

Ugh that's so creepy, the mask and everything. Not even charming Breakfast at Tiffany's style cat mask, but angry face! Oh jeez... Why Peep Show, why?

Have you listened to Carla Bruni yet? You should download the song Le Plus Beau du Cartier, I sent it to Erin B and she's in love with it!

Kimberly said...

If they had just gone with a half mask it might have been fun (if not Hallowe'en-ish). The full mask is just downright eerie though...

Gill said...

off to check out sumpnsassy!
I agree, the mannequins are creepy, like horror show creepy.
i loved your poem! thanks for playing...! a winner will be chosen on Saturday night....til then my friend xo

Leslie Rubio said...

I agree Shelagh-the manakins are a little creepy looking but sort of fun too.

The new Alice painting is nice and colorful as always with your work.
Just stopping by to say Hi!

Chichiboulie said...

Hello Lovely Lady!

I've just given you a blog award. I hope you'll come by and pick it up!

SummersStudio said...

Hi, there. I just stumbled across your blog and love your work! I also just wanted to say thank you for the links to the Australia sites for animals affected by the fires. Those fires were very near my old home and when they happen the wildlife is in so much strife that it is hard to take it all in or find the resources to deal with it. Cheers, LeAnn

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I don't care for those mannequins either Shelagh.

Thanks for the links to help the Australian animals. I saw the video of the burned koala bear on TV and it broke my heart.