Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Poppy Cat on eBay

This little 5 x 7 painting is on stretched canvas. I am so dismayed with shipping prices. Canada Post is very expensive and the cost keeps rising. Crazily enough, sometimes it costs more to ship within Canada than to the United States! I generally paint on masonite which is sturdy and cheaper to mail. I like canvas but it is more fragile so costs more to ship with all the padding etc. Sometimes I wonder just how much a person is willing to pay to have some art sent:(

Love poppies, love love love them. Their shapes, texture, colour, pods! They do make a mess in the garden when they are done but it is a small price to pay for their loveliness.:)

Did anyone see the moonrise yesterday? Gorgeous. A ripe apricot. It is the last full moon of the winter. Hurrah!


Ronnie said...

Bright and beautiful as always.
I wish I had an answer for the postage dilemma. I spent $25 to send a $100 painting to Texas last week.
Perhaps canvas board would be a good option.
And yes! I saw the moon!
I have my tea and muffin ready and intend to enjoy reading your artist interviews. Ahhhhh.

Ronnie said...

Sandy Mastroni is giving away one of her PILLOWS!!!
Thought you'd want to know!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for pointing out that this was the last full moon for the winter ... puts a whole new perspective on my day!!

Have a good one~

Teresa aka Tess said...

Spring is upon us sooooooon, as today here in Kansas it is cold, brrrr. Love the colors of this painting, so bright and summery.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Shelagh!

The first full moon in March is called "the sap moon" as the tree sap starts moving and can be tapped soon.

I do know what you mean about postage --I often mail little gifts to my grandson in Colorado and it costs $8 for the smallest package!

Your poppy cat is so cheerful!

Hugs, Pat

Christina Silverio said...

Oh, this is lovely! It makes me smile, with the happy kitty and wonderfully bright colors. :)
When I paint in acrylics I love to use canvas board. Much easier to ship. Though I love stretched canvas so very much. :)

Flor Larios Art said...

Even here in the US the shipping fees had gone up...too fast.
Have you tried the light weight playwood sheets...birtch wood...?Safe to ship on a padded envelope.
Those are great!

ButterCup said...

My goodness, this is very cute! I love it!

Lindy Gaskill said...

Just discovered your blog. What sweet art! Love it!! And yes, the moon was absolutely amazing.

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Oh Poppies gorgeous scarlet,beautiful poppies!!
Love em!!