Saturday, September 25, 2010


Doesn't this look refreshing? mmmm. This is iced tea. It came in a carafe as just chilled tea. The drinking glass was full of ice and lemon. There was also a small pitcher of "simple" syrup to add to your drink to make it the perfect level of sweetness. Loved it! Most iced teas are too sweet for me. Today was a warm and balmy sort of un-fall like day. Just right for iced tea.


Kate on Clinton said...

Sounds delicious. For a long time, you couldn't get an unsweetened tea at a restaurant, but it is making a comeback now. The American South is famous for their teeth-busting sweet tea. I love the simple syrup pitcher - bet it blends so much better than sugar.

Lisa said...

I love iced tea... made some southern sweet tea this weekend actually!! Have to do that since I live in Kentucky. : )

aliceinparis said...

Kate~ The simple syrup was really a nice touch. So smooth.
Lisa~Kentucky and sweet iced tea go together like....Kentucky and sweet iced tea:)