Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tropical Storm Earl

It's here and on it's way out now. Earl was a category 1 hurricane when it arrived but is now a tropical storm. Lots of wind and rain. Trees down, powerlines down. So far we have been really lucky and have not lost our electricity. Thousands across the province are without. View through my dining room window. Love the abstract image, wind, rain on window and blowing trees:) It has slowed down quite a bit here in Halifax and by suppertime, the sun should be out! In fact it loks brighter here now:) This is my car parked on the road. I was trying to find a spot where it might be free from falling trees:) Would love to try to get out later when things calm down for some surf pictures but at this point all the roads to great vantage points are closed.


irinapictures said...

What amazing beautiful photos! I love to look at the elements in wild (specially when sitting in the safety of my house))
Wish you its finish soon.

Gill said...

My nephew was supposed to be on his way home to Antigonish, where he attends St.FX...he has postponed his flight. Unbelievable weather you are having!!!
Batten down those hatches. xoxo

Suzie Ridler said...

Fascinating and beautiful perspective Shelagh! It went quite well, considering.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Ooooh! Hope you are riding things out without much trouble! I've survived tornadoes and earthquakes but never experienced a hurricane. Well the most beautiful things usually come to the surface after a storm so I hope the next week is full of beauty and calm for you!

Thank you for your kind visit. Every day I am feeling better and more like myself. My son had his first college class this morning and crossing that threshold I think helped his situation some. Will keep everyone posted, but I do so appreciate your kind words!