Sunday, September 11, 2011

Say hello to Florence:)

I'm doing a few of these fun paintings with fun painted frames. Can't remember the size right off. I think this is about 14 x 12? I'm selling them at the market for now.

I've been at the market a lot. Hence not so much posting on this wee blog. It is cruise ship season and busy. Tomorrow there will be three of them. Loads of people. Never know who will stop by. Lucky people this week, we've have had glorious weather! Perfect September days.

Today is day 11 of my new veggie eating plan. So far so good. I've lost some weight and am starting to feel different. As cliche as it sounds.... I feel "cleaner" so hard to put into words. It is a physical sensation of lightness and ease not related to any tiny weight loss but a deeper more internal feeling. Maybe psychological but it is interesting. I will keep trying as long as my willpower holds up and this works for me:)


Karen said...

Well now you've inspired me to try the same.

Hello, Florence :-)

susanna said...

Fun! Fat cats always seem to have the friendliest dispositions, eh? Your cat looks like he'd love to sit on someone's lap for an hour or two. No doubt one lucky ferry ship passenger will be taking him home soon.

Btw, my husband and I went on a veggie diet for almost a month and a half straight this past spring. We felt great! Beans, lentils and vegetables now make up most of our weekly meals. If you are looking for delicious vegetarian recipes, I'd recommend trying a few Indian recipes. We had rajma this evening - it's become one of our favourite dinners.

Anonymous said...

Where are fat cat's whiskers?

aliceinparis said...

Go Karen go!
Susanna, I must look up rajma. I love Indian food.
Yes, must get those whiskers on to poor Florence:)