Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This and that

For years I used to sell on eBay and slowly stopped as I got involved at the market, with galleries and Etsy. It was a great boon to me when my daughter was growing up, enabling me to stay at home. The interaction with people from all over was fun. I'm thinking of maybe starting selling there again but am dismayed to see all the pages flooded with mass originals from China. I feel out of the loop. I wonder if any of you are still selling there and how goes it? What is your favourite place to buy or sell?

Today is one of those quiet busy days. I'm in between market days. Will be back tomorrow and maybe Thursday. Home with tons to do. I've got a list and am checking it off as I go. ( I love lists) No matter how I try, there is always a task that appears unexpectedly and eats up precious time!!! Today it was a splinter from yesterday. I had forgotten about it and then realized my finger was really hurting. It had become a bit infected. So off I go on a splinter tweezer hunt, magnifying glass, etc..... ouch. It is wrapped in a bandaid now so onward ho with the chores!

Also.....REALLY looking forward to the launch of HeartWeed in January. Part magazine, blog, online community, resource center for makers, it is going to be a place for inspiration and helping people make their creative dreams flourish! We like that!

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Patchmaker said...

I sold on Ebay for years. I went back to it just recently, but I didn't seem to get any views and wound up selling at cost, so don't think I'll bother again.

Heartweed sounds very interesting!