Monday, December 26, 2011

Day after Christmas and a request...

"Hippo, Tigger and Anni!" One lucky person found the large original of this painting under their tree yesterday! You can a print of it here for $20! If it says sold, don't worry, I will update as soon as see it has gone:)

I had a lovely Christmas yesterday. Still not 100% but my cold is on it's way out! Hooray. This is always busy time of year for me, New Year's Eve is next weekend and then the weekend after that is my birthday! Bad time for a birthday, everyone is broke, tired of parties and on a diet! ha ha.
I usually do a give away on my birthday and will do it again this year. So much fun.

Also.....something different this year, if you want to join in my birthday celebration, send me a link and photo, via email (or I can use a photo from the post) to a favourite blog post you have written. Something inspiring or beautiful or heartwarming......I will share them here on my birthday with a link to your blog! My email address is on the right sidebar.


Sheila said...

Wonderful... Such happy colors :-)

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

It is a beautiful painting. (Lucky person, indeed.)
One of my favourite blog posts this past year was a flash story about a man who worked in a bakery.