Wednesday, November 26, 2008

And the beat goes on....
Here's big Monty, my handsome boy.

I had a flu shot on Monday and went to the dentist and got groceries yesterday, today will be a run out to Wheatons in Sackville to deliver some books and then to Staples and Carsand Mosher for supplies. As well as cleaning like a crazy woman and getting things made and printed and packaged and organized for Saturday! I am also having our Book Club meeting at my house on Sunday night. Bonus! The house will be clean:) Book is Three Cups of Tea, worth reading.

It's not that my place is dirty, it's just that there are different levels of clean....regular clean, company clean and "newcomers in the house" company clean! I am on top level cleaning duty!
Suddenly you look around and see your place with different eyes, eek! Anyway , it's not THAT bad but........

So today it is raining and all that snow is dwindling away. Have a great day.

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