Thursday, November 13, 2008

November 2

I've got a bunch of things to show you:)

First off, isn't this the sweetest baby!!! Wyndancyr, soon it will be you! I had coffee with them the other day. The sleeve on her left arm which you can't really see took 27 hours! Nine three hour sessions! It is Escher inspired and very well done. I love the transparency of mom and son's skin.

This was the strangest thing. I was sitting in the living room the other night and happened to look over at the dining room window. Got a surprise! The window is about six feet off the ground. Monty on the left is stunned, looking out through the window at a huge cat that decided to hop up onto our window ledge and watch what was happening inside our dining room.The cat got must have leaped on to the back deck railing and then over to the tiny window ledge! He stayed there for the longest time.

Here are two trick or treaters that arrived promptly at my door on Friday, the minute it was respectable to do so. Sara and Jennifer (Xue's daughter), the sweet little girls next door. HA!

Drove out to Peggy's Cove yesterday. It was bright and very breezy and cold! Ah, November:)
Brrrrrrr. The lobster traps all piled up and put away.

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