Saturday, November 15, 2008


Spring Garden Road.
I had to pop downtown today to deliver some books and pocket mirrors to Jennifer's of Nova Scotia. I decided to have a wee stroll up and down the street. The windows are full of their holiday displays. Hard to believe that Christmas is next month. The weather here is so mild and foggy. Tonight is the Parade of Lights. I remember watching it some years and being absolutely frozen. A few shops will be serving cider and hot chocolate. Yum.

I saw that
Mill's Brothers has their Snow White display up. It has been a holiday fixture for 40 years! Snow White's chest moves up and down as if she is breathing.The tears on the dwarves faces are rhinestones. I always make a point of seeing it every year. So cute.

Tonight I am going to a yoga chanting session. A good friend of mine is a yoga teacher and she is taking me with her. I did go to one once and it was surprisingly fun. It was more of a singsong than chanting. Hard to explain but you feel wonderful when it is over. Ooooooohhhmmmmm............ :) We shall see.

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Anonymous said...

The snow white and 7 dwarves figurines are so cute indeed! But why put it up during the holidays?