Friday, January 1, 2010

January 1

It's here! 2010. We are on the other side:)

Ahhh, sigh of relief, back to basics..... it is going to be hard after all the indulging. My birthday is fast approaching too. It is my winter hat-trick, Christmas, New Year and then Birthday:)

Last night's meal was delicious, shared with good friends...... Chipotle pork tenderloin, penne with shrimp and asparagus, broccoli salad and then profiteroles with chocolate sauce for dessert:) Topped off with a decaffe latte and sparlking drinkies. Movie was Stone of Destiny, a quaint Scottish flick, finished off with Halifax Parade Square countdown, dazzling backyard fireworks and then Times Square countdown! Dick Clark keeps soldiering on:)

Hope you had a good night too:) What did you do?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

All I did was watch the comedy specials on CBC and then went to bed. Life in the fast lane!

Sara said...

I watched HGTV - love to watch House Hunters International - it is interesting to see homes in other countries.

So, when is your birthday? Mine is Feb. 6

Tricia said...

We had a few friends over, but nothing big. By midnight they were gone and we snuggled in bed with the kiddo.

Happy New Year!

Kathy said...

Irv and I had dinner at home and then watched Gran Torino. Good movie. Irv fell asleep on the couch long before midnight and I managed to stay awake...watching Dick Clark and working on our new 2010 budget. Two of the kids texted a Happy New Year at midnight and Colorado boy texted Happy New Year at 1:00 a.m.....midnight his time. I need to talk to him about that...although I was still awake...probably due to the hot chocolate and the s'more I had late in the day.

Happy 2010 Shelagh!

a.rogue said...

Happy 2010! Our going out plans were foiled by an awsful head-cold so stayed in watched a very exciting hockey game - we might just make staying in and watching hockey a New Years Eve tradition...
All the best,

OliveStreetStudio said...

Soundslike you had a nice NYEve. We went to dinner with my brother and SIL, and were home by 10:30 and asleep by 10:45....:-o

Maybe next year I'll take a nap and make it up to watch the ball drop. :-)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Happy New Year Shelagh!

Dick Clark has such determination doesn't he?

Tonight is a big Iron Chef cook that show!

Lux Star Cake said...

the candle and the water glass are so january... clean and new