Saturday, November 22, 2008

weekend storm

And the wind howled!
What a night last night, snow and cold and wind. How does wildlife survive? I was up at 3 am looking out the window at the terrible storm and thinking about stray cats and birds and deer and wondering where they go. I was warm and cozy in my protected wee bubble but out there......

So this morning I put on my boots and in my nightie, waded through the snow on our deck to put out some wild bird seed. Within fifteen minutes there were sparrows, juncos, chickadees and even a mourning dove feeding, dashing back and forth scaring each other trying to gobble up what they could before the next bird arrived! They had been hanging around earlier trying to get at the seed on the tray under the snow.

I put it on the end of my deck so Monty can keep watch out the window:)

It has started snowing again but the wind has stopped. We've got to go out and start shovelling soon:(
The upside is that I have a lovely pot of cream of parsnip and bacon soup waiting for me.
Since I've been getting my "organic veggie surprise" delivery once a week , I have been forced to find new recipes to use up produce I don't normally have in the house. I had a bowl last night and it is yummy! I must say that I did fiddle with the recipe a bit. Did not make as much and used evap skim milk & didn't bother with the potato curls. Added a couple of potatoes and a bit of thyme. Always fun to mess about in the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

These are great!

aliceinparis said...

Thanks! I've been meaning to add you to my list, thanks for popping by:)

Sherry said...

Your photos are beautiful, and it's really cold where we live as well. We also try to keep the feeders stocked.
There is a family of possums in the hollow of and old mulberry tree on our property, and I'm keeping watch over them as well.

aliceinparis said...

Thanks Sherry. I know, once you start feeding them you feel responsible. They do come to rely on that spot as a feeding station.

BeadedTail said...

Monty is so cute looking out the window! Now that the birds are fed, it does look like a perfect day to stay inside and eat nice warm soup!

By the way, I love your art work!

Suzie Ridler said...

You and me both! Stuck in the snow, worrying about the birds. I had a ton of crows and even a seagull stop by yesterday. Those are amazing photos, I love the one with the window and the bottles topped with snow outside.

I will try the wire idea today, thank you!