Thursday, November 13, 2008

November 11

A friend of mine's daughter in her fancy boots:)

Today is always a quiet holiday , November 11th. Remembrance Day. I don't think I'll be going to a cenotaph but it is a lovely morning for it. I think my daughter will be going. She has joined a sorority that does charitable work and they are planning on attending one of the many Remembrance services.

A cool thing happened yesterday. Well cool to me! I was searching for a kale recipe to determine how to use a big bunch that was delivered in my "organic food box" and I came across a website that was using one of my stock photos! Here is the link. I belong to a few micro stock agencies and the one this site used was Dreamstime. I don't often get to see where my pictures have landed. It was a nice surprise.

Another nice surprise is that Grace of in Dubai is hosting a GIVEAWAY!! two of my prints to the winner! It is open to anyone anywhere in the world. Pop over to her site and enter:)

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Thanks for the giveaway shoutout!