Thursday, November 20, 2008

snowy surprise

Bam! It's here.

Winter arrived with a punch yesterday. None of that lovely first soft falling snow stuff. It was raining and then snowing and the wind was howling! We lost our power for an couple of hours. That was quite nice. I love it when there is that whump and then everything goes dark and silent. Hmm, that sounds like a knock-out!
We lit candles and sat in the golden glow listening to the raging storm outside. H was working on some embroidery for a project in her Costume Studies course, I read a book, Monty lolled about as he usually does, no change there :) It felt like we had been transported back a hundred years. I wouldn't mind a mandatory powerout one night a month. It would be too hard to do it voluntarily, there would always be something needing turned on but one night a month would be fine.


Anonymous said...

wow ... that sounds divine. You're right - a mandatory power cut once a month is a good idea. It should be law!!!!

Jeanne said...

Love you