Thursday, November 13, 2008


Good Friends Read Together
The original is for sale here and prints are available here!

Last night I got my first Organic Food Box! Yay!
A good friend of mine started doing it a few weeks ago and was very enthusiastic so I looked into it and decided to take the plunge:) What is it you ask? It is a box of organic produce delivered to my door once a week. Local produce mainly and as the season dwindles it is from farther away. You can get a "dogma" box which is local produce only. A cornucopia of fresh and delicious surprises. You never know what you are going to get and it forces you to be creative and healthy with your cooking.Those veggies have to be eaten!
Last night's $25 box had a huge gorgeous head of some kind of ruffley lettuce, red onion, baby bok choy, parsnips, italian parsley, apples, oranges, beautiful dark purple concord grapes, big head of broccoli, large yellow pepper, a lemon and a coupon for a massage discount!
I love supporting local business. There are also larger sizes and you can order "a la carte" and have a custom box made up. The prices for their organic foodstuff is cheaper than what you would get in the store. They also have meat, poultry, dairy, grains etc. Here is their website for any of you around here that might be interested. Home Grown Organic Foods

The wind was howling all night long. I think I have to start raking soon. The lawn is quickly getting covered in russet.

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