Thursday, November 13, 2008

November 8

Helloooooo! Long tall Sally! I was standing on a sloping rock so my shadow stretched forever!

So, this morning is of the dark foggy drippy sort. Quiet and still November. Shades of grey and orange and yellow.

I meant to mention a strange thing I saw on Halloween and forgot about. I was driving down Robie Street and noticed that the Cruikshank Funeral home had some festive balloons tied to posts and then I saw a man dressed as a Vampire in full cape and blood soaked fangs sweeping the front stairs. I was quite baffled, thinking what poor taste it was to encourage funeral home employees decorate the place and to dress up as Vampires!!!! .

I was feeling very sorry for any folk who had to visit loved ones there when I noticed a sign announcing a Breast Cancer Fundraiser Barbeque to be held in the parking lot at lunch. Ah, that explains it ...but still..... it was such an odd thing to see.

In other news, I got a nice surprise at the door the otherday. Ding dong. A big box arrived from the US with a gift basket full of the condiments I did the artwork for. They look great! It is so exciting to see them and hold the product in my hands. These condiments have been around since the fifties and the new owner is rebranding and I guess the buzz has been very favourable. I can hardly wait to try them, low sodium, gluten and additive free, vegan.. lots of good things going for them. I only wish they were available in Canada.

I've listed two new winter prints in my Etsy shop. They are older paintings but newly available as prints:) You can see them here and here. I'm also thinking about having an open house sale maybe the end of November first week of December but first I have to get rid of the giant dust bunnies so people will have room to mill about. Any ideas? ( for open house not getting rid of bunnies:)

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