Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Down the Rabbit Hole

More snow forecast for tonight. It is -12 outside now too. This has been a rough winter. Same all round I think. Anyway, the sun is out for the time being and that is better than gray!

I'm working on an Alice in Wonderland painting. Fun for me. I love that tale. Speaking of which, Tim Burton is filming his adaption of Alice in Wonderland right now, to be released in 2010. Johnny Depp to be the Mad Hatter( who else?) Anne Hathaway the White Queen, Helena Bonham Carter the Red queen. Here are some interesting production pics .


noodle and lou said...

oh how fun! can't wait to see your new painting:):) We are having the same rough winter. At least the blizzard we were supposed to get last night wasn't as bad as they thought. My boys were CRUSHED there was no snow day today though;) oooooh well!
Happy week to ya!! xox..jenn

Anonymous said...

How cool is that. We're big Tim Burton fans in my household. He certainly has his own style and creates unique films. And I like how faithful he is to his actors, rehiring them for his films.

daisies said...

oh my gosh .. that is exciting :)