Saturday, January 31, 2009


25 random things you may or may not want to know:)
Ok, I've been tagged a few times so I guess it is time to play! These are fun to do when you have the time and it's always fun to learn new things about folk:) Participate if you can:) I was tagged on Facebook:)

1. I am an eldest child, I have two brothers.

2. My first pet(s) were two Siamese cats named Topaz and Gigi. Topaz had kittens in my bedroom closet and when they were older, would carry them by the scruff of the neck, one by one, over to my bed and hop up, depositing them under the blankets. No matter how many times I picked them up and moved them, there they would be again:)

3. Growing up, we lived on the edge of a small subdivision, and all of us kids spent most of our time in the woods climbing trees, building forts, picking berries, spying on each other, playing hide and seek, tag, scouting for wildlife and causing trouble:)

4. There was a brook nearby that dwindled to a trickle in the summer but the shallow banks were lush with moss. We once created a burial ground there for small animals. Easy to pick up a big clump of moss and deposit the wee corpse underneath. Hamsters, a dead robin, a squirrel, insects. We performed elaborate rites and made up special rituals and prayers, thoroughly enjoying ourselves and feeling very compassionate. Well one day soon after it that it rained, the brook swelled and there went our graveyard, floating off to the sea.

5. We used to hold a neighborhood fair every summer to raise money for Rainbow Haven, a local camp run by the local newspaper for under priviledged kids. It would be held in one of our backyards, koolaid, hot dogs, fortune teller, fish pond (Stick,string and clothes peg), three legged races etc. We would call the paper to let them know and a photographer would arrive to take a picture of us. I think we organized it more to get our pictures in the paper than for any philanthropic reasons.

6. Scariest book I read growing up was The Haunting of Hill House The movie terrified me too. The Haunting , I remember watching it on TV in our rec room by myself one night and I was too scared to get up and turn off the TV, let alone move from where I was! It was remade it in 1999 but it strayed from the story and wasn't as good.

7. Christopher Walken and I looked over our shoulders at each other as we passed by one another on a deserted side street in London. I looked back because it was him, he looked back because I think he was frightened by the face I made when I realized it was him! lol

8.I backpacked through Europe on my own. Wasn't alone much, you make a lot of friends when travelling like that. Hostels and train pass.

9. Started a blog because an old friend of mine had one and I was fascinated by hers and enjoyed reading it and I like writing and thought why not. Sadly she has passed away at far too young an age, but some of her internet presence still remains and I find it comforting.

10. I was a news film editor in its dying days. News stories had to be finished by 2:30/3pm because the lab took an hour to develop the film and then it had to be brought back to the station to be edited before going on air at 6. There was a magnetic stripe on the side of the film that carried the sound. B reel was a second film reel that carried the "cutaways"( interesting visuals) so you wouldn't have to stare at a talking head too long, also to cover the reporters intros etc. We had to cut manually and then time everything, make up a cue sheet ,when b reel should start etc. so the projectionist would know when to start it. Two film reels for one story. Lots of work and done several times over with various reporters as the film came in. Sounds like the dark ages and it wasn't that long ago really. I'm not that old!

11.Lima beans are not a favourite food.

12.I was a taxi driver for 9 months. Interesting. I wish I had kept a journal.

13. I saw Halley's Comet when I was in New Zealand.

14.I would like to see a ghost but I know I would be scared. I did see ghostly stuff once that I cannot explain but it wasn't scary because it did not take a form. It lasted about a minute. I thought it was moving white smoke at first.

15. I can speak pig latin. Esyay I ancay.
16. I took theatre at University.
17. My daughter was born 5.5 weeks early and was tiny but fine.
18. I don't know how to type properly.
19. My answers are getting shorter:)
20.Grade ten English, I was in a special class and all we did was write poetry.I still have them all and some of them surprisingly are ok.
21. Reconnected with an old pal through Facebook. We were mad about the Monkees:)
22. I love going to the movies.
23. I love being outside.
24. I prefer photography to painting.
25. Wiley Coyote over Bugs Bunny


Loth said...

All very interesting, but I do have to dispute the last one. Bugs Bunny every time!

Claire said...

I'm loving what I'm learning about people as this meme makes the rounds. :-)


Gifted Typist said...

I'd be interested to know why you prefer photography to painint?

Gifted Typist said...

sorry, painting

Gill said...

I'm a Bugs girl. But Wiley is nice too.
I love your list Shelagh. Christopher Walken is one of my faves of all time...he truly is one of the last true Hollywood talents. And his voice! Gets me everytime.

dawn said...

wiley coyote for me too. but how could you not like lima beans? especially with corn, vidalia onion and some bacon?

Janet said...

Love Christopher Walken, I'm sorry about your friend, and you've sure had an interesting life :-)

Sara said...

This is so cool - I love learning about blog friends...

You've done some really interesting things...

aliceinparis said...

Hi Gifted: I prefer photography because it is so instant and I am not as confident with my painting. I love composing with my camera. I eat up everything I see.:)
Dawn: it is the texture of lima beans that gets me:)

Kathy said...

That was great! Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

You have done a lot of interesting things and write so well I couldn't wait to see the next random thing - all so cool to read about. We had a similar growing up and you made me think of a lot of things I hadn't remembered for a long time - how fun. I can't remember what cartoon I liked best, I liked them all. I especially remember the shows that came just after like Isis and Shazam. Scooby Doo scared me so much I hid behind the chair to watch it, just peeking out now and then.

Your painting or photography - it's a toss up for me. I have to say I think you are a very talented photographer, but there's something about your paintings that makes me stop and linger and make up a story or daydream.

I'll be featuring very soon!

Teresa aka Tess said...

You are a very interesting individual........

Sue said...

My mother also had the knack of speaking pig latin....not very useful but certainly entertaining to listen to....

Suzie Ridler said...

Cool story about Christopher Walken! He is such a character.

The Haunting is my favourite scary movie, it's so scary and there are like no special effects!

Great to get to know you more. :)

Anonymous said...

This was wonderful! You have been so many places and experienced so many things. I am with you on the ghost thing; it all fascinates me to no end, and I too have had some experiences, but have never officially "seen" one. I was surprised by the fact that you prefer photography over painting...seeing your comment below as to why makes sense, but I am just going to chime in here and say again how much I adore your paintings...embrace your talent, because it is HUGE. xoxoxo

Jennifer said...

I was tagged with this in facebook too. Though your list is much more interesting than mine!

Thanks for sharing!

TheFancyChola said...

I know...don't you always root for the coyote to catch and eat that darn roadrunner? Any who great blog!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

This was fun to read Shelagh! I'm so afraid someone is going to tag me with this on facebook too --lol!

I remember your friend who passed away. I read her blog a short while and enjoyed her beautiful photographs. I cried and cried when she passed, as I felt as if I knew her! I hope her Mum, daughters and grandson are doing well. So sad.

Didn't you photograph a ghost once?

PS Can I copy this wonderful woman's face photograpgh to use some day? I love it!

Artifax said...

Your blog is awesome! Really enjoyed browsing and reading!

I'm with you on #14 .. someday .. maybe!