Saturday, December 12, 2009

December 12th

"So this is Christmas,"Can you hear John Lennon singing?

This wee advent calendar has seen a lot of action. Every year since my daughter was born, it comes out of hibernation and sits proudly on the wall. Above the pockets is a green velcro Christmas tree and each day, one of the cloth ornaments gets to decorate it:) December 25th gets a small dove.

Happy Chanukah to all of you who celebrate it:)

I am on the home stretch now. I still have cards to do, tree to get, decorations to put up. Not too much, just enough to keep me preoccupied. As if I wasn't preoccupied enough with my BustaMove activities and fund raising!

We now have 18 prizes in our BIG DRAW and the winner takes it all! From massage, golf, food, coffee, flowers, new resume, movies,books,wine....... pretty good odds. The draw is on Dec. 30th and we've only sold about 30 tickets.

Don't forget to donate here! For $10 you can help purchase a digital mammogram machine for the holidays and be entered in a big prize draw to help make the boobs of Nova Scotian women merry! Prizes are continuing to be added:)

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