Monday, April 27, 2009

Celestial Teapot

Celestial Teapot original available on eBay and Print available on Etsy.

We had a wonderful weekend weather, complete with unexpected thunder and lightening on Sat. evening. I was quietly working on the computer when an unexpected FLASH of light through the window next to me had me leap up off the seat and across the room, heart pounding. I thought the house next door had exploded, I didn't know what it was. There was no rain. Thunder seconds later soon told the tale. Sheesh.

Well by now you've probably hear of the Swine flu cases in Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia of all places, a tiny spot on the East coast, gets one of the first pockets of the virus. Luckily they all had very mild cases. What is amazing to me is how fast the virus has spread around the world, cases everywhere. Maybe all viruses travel that fast and they have only been monitering for this. Wash your hands folk! Cough into your sleeve. Stay home if sick.

And, Pakistan....another thing on my mind. I hope they can quell the uprising Taliban. Things are very tough for some people in areas there now. Especially women and girls:(

Ok, that's my unloading for today. The sun is shining, lots of errands to do and work to finish!


Mickey (Michel) Johnson said... the celestial teapot. it is amazing at how small our world has become. i noticed about nova scotians having swine flu...a little shocked i must fact i told the boys last night and they were immediately did that happen? they have the best beef in the world? i told them it seems to have been contracted elsewhere. i think the engineered food is such a suspect...but i will be silent on that one! there is so much oppression in the world. we are very blessed indeed. mickey

Anne said...

Hi, Shelagh! I love your brightly decorated celestial teapot! Very cool! :-)

Freak said...

I love it! So nice, congratulations!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Another beautiful painting Shelagh! Your detail always fascinates me. I think I would be perfectly happy with one itty bitty little fragment of one of your paintings - they're so rich and delicious!

Stay away from the flu! Hope you avoid it!


noodle and lou said...

stay well sweet Shelagh!!
I love that celestial teapot...if I looked up in to the night sky and saw that, I would be happy forever:) xox...jenn

susanna said...

The celestial teapot is terrific! I can just imagine the astrological creatures gathered 'round for a cup o' tea. :)

Celestial Charms said...

Love your teapot. It is gorgeous.