Thursday, April 2, 2009

Earltown Maple Festival

Two of the pancake ladies. What cheery smiles! They all take shifts working the kitchen. The day runs from 10am to 6pm.

Nonstop pancake action. There were also sausages, beans, tea biscuits and sweets!

Everyone in the community comes out for the event. It is held in the old one roomed schoolhouse.

There is Nova Scotia! Love this old map. I remember having a map like this in the classroom. Imagine! Candy companies sponsored them and we'd be in class staring at the chocolate bars.

Alicia Putnam and her dad supplied the morning music:)

Sugarmoon Farm, where the sap is boiling away in the evaporator above the wood fire. Hard hot work making syrup.

Maple syrup on snow. You take a popsicle stick and wind it around the sticky sweet:) Yum.

Hiking up the sap line to the sugar bush. Can you see the tubing at the top of this pic? Carrying the sap from the trees on higher ground down to the boiling operation.

The sugar maples!


Kim Mailhot said...

SWEET ! Yay, spring !

Happy April !

Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

Love those smiles!...and Sugar Woods, sounds better than Candy Land :]

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

I love the pancake ladies! They look like they are enjoying themselves and their eyes show such sweet souls behind them. I can not imagine what I would do to look at Chocolat on a map all day long! I would have to join Chocolatholics Anonymous!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

How SWEET, delightful and charming! I would have loved to have been there. The syrup and snow treat looks yummy and just so perfectly perfect. A lovely post!

Teresa aka Tess said...

Such a fun day this must be. I'm not so sure about MAple Candy but I love MAple syrup n my pancakes.

Jennifer said...

The shot of maple syrup on snow reminds me of reading Little House on the Prairie books when I was a girl. I've never done it, though. It sounds tasty.
It looks like you had a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy said...

What a wonderful looking day! I can almost taste the pancakes and REAL maple syrup! Yum!

Loth said...

We visited sugar woods for the first time during our trip last year and it was amazing! I couldn't believe the amount of effort it takes to make that liquid gold! (And those pancakes look fab too!)

Moose said...

What a fun time had by all! I LOVE that map, what a collectors item. I will have to visit sugar woods on my next trip to Nova Scotia.
Tail Wags to All.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Great photos Shelagh! I remember your going to this festival for a few years -- looks like fun and so yummy!