Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Galleries Layfayette in Paris. Isn't it beautiful! I am not a shopper but shopping in a place as beautiful as this is easy. When you get weary, you just look up and around:) I have a bit to do yet for my gift shopping but I know what to get. Luckily, maybe unluckily, I just have a small family so it is not a huge endeavor. December 3rd already. Tick's flying.

I've signed on for December Views so will be taking my camera with me more often this month:)

Today will be a painting day for sure:) I have not done anything since last week, it was so busy. I have also neglected my walks, and nothing should get in the way of those. They help keep me sane:)

Thanks for your donations yesterday! I really appreciate it. Even $2. helps. It all adds up. These schools and programs are changing lives. It is not an area that is "popular" to help because of all the ruckus and that is exactly why it is so important. The schools are an alternative to the "madrassas" that are popping up everywhere. Thanks for bearing with me here, I don't normally push causes but this one struck a chord with me and I will promote it for a bit as my holiday gift to those kids and families in the remotest of places . Please feel free to link to yesterday's post as a gift to me:)


Suzie Ridler said...

Shopping in Paris. What could be more beautiful? You must find the greatest presents there. I am stuck shopping online for everything.

Oh how I would love to go see The Mercer Report, what fun that would be. Too bad he's in Toronto, maybe during my next visit I will go?

Anonymous said...

Oh, yay, glad to hear you'll be doing December Views. I've been/shopped there in Paris...and yes, it's beautiful. :)

Kathy said...

Wow that is a beautiful picture. I would be perfectly happy shopping there. I read your last post too. It does break your heart doesn't it? My son is a teacher in Colorado and they are collecting and sending clothing, blankets and things to Afganistan. It is winter there and tens of thousands are living in tents right now. I wish you much luck in your effort.

noodle and lou said...

What a gorgeous sight!! Now I'll daydream of shopping in Paris!!

AngelaMichelle said...

Wow. I'm no shopper, either, but I think I could quickly become one with places like that. Maybe it's a good thing Georgia has nothing quite so ornate!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for offering us a chance to support this very noble cause. I had read about it before, but you made it easy to make a donation.