Friday, December 5, 2008


This is the Legislative Library at Province House. Isn't it gorgeous. I had to drop off some cookbooks to the protocol office and thought I would pop in with my camera. This room used to be the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia.

It was in this room that Joseph Howe argued in front of a jury, for freedom of the press in 1835. He spoke for six hours and fifteen minutes! He won and we have a lot to be grateful for because of that victory.
It is connected to our public library system and anyone can withdraw books with some advance notice. The oldest book in their collection is a book on astrology, from the 1400s!

The Right Honorable or something or other Mr Salter and his wife. The artist painted the bodies first and then had the husband and wife come in so he could paint their heads on! Mrs. Salter looks a bit off:)

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Anonymous said...

oh! oh! that is an awesome looking library! that bordello red carpet is something else...

Leslie Rubio said...

What an awesome library-HUGE! You really do have an eye for finding just the right angle and framing for photos-the staircase, the books with all the different colors, the red carpet.

Thanks so much for coming by my blog, I so appreciate that, and for your lovely comments-coming from such a wonderful artist like you-it really means alot to me.

I am putting a link to your blog on my site right now so folks can donate to the children and help build schools! I believe in this 100%. I have a donation (giving away my prints) going on now also for the Friends of Jamaica to help build a youth club for the children in Tafari, Jamaica. If you feel so inclined to put it on your blog, I would appreciate it, but if not, I understand.


Leslie I
It is a pleasure to know you in blogland.

Jessica S. said...

a great place! you captured it so well!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

What a wonderful librbary with such great history!! It is wonderful they allow borrowing of the books.