Saturday, December 20, 2008

Still feeling under the weather but in all this misery I can tell that I AM getting better.
Monty being sick has been an added stress. He's still at the hospital, catheter scheduled to come out at 6 tonight, and after he's had a good pee on his own, he can come home. Might take a few hours after that. I guess he is very cranky, can't blame him poor wee thing. Catheter stitched in, cone on to stop him from worrying it, IV drip, pain mediation. Sheesh. I am surprised how empty the place feels without him. Who knew a cat could have so much presence!


Leslie Rubio said...

Poor Monty-I didn't know he was ill. He must have a UTI? One of my kitties got this before, and recovered nicely. I'm sure you miss him so much and I hope that he will be back home soon!

Love the kitties! The big blue armchair is a perfect spot for them.

Feel better Shelagh,

Kathy said...

Goodness, I hope you and the kitty are all better very soon. I am without a kitty for the first time since I was a kid. I've been kind of looking for onesc.....I miss having one around.

noodle and lou said...

Poor little Monty and poor you!!!
I brought my tambourine and am playing you a get well song:):)

Merry Christmas Shelagh!!! xox...jenn

Babette Fraser Hale said...

it's so sad when the wee ones hurt, and they don't understand what's going on quite. I hope you both feel much better before Christmas day!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope your little one feels better soon. It's always stressful when our pets take ill. Sounds like he's on the road to recovery. I hope he gets lots of kitty treats for Christmas this year.