Sunday, December 14, 2008

Well, after all my comments about the warm was -17 last night! huh?
Good to be inside all cozy. We watched High Society with Bing, Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and Grace Kelly last night. I LOVE those old films. Speaking of which.......this afternoon, H and mum and myself are going to see THIS in a theatre downtown on the big screen. It is a fundraiser for the local Food Bank that a friend of mine has organized. Yay Sara! It is one of my fave Christmas movies and how grand to see it in style:)

We got our tree yesterday and will be putting it up tonight I hope.

Tomorrow Dec.15th, I am going to make a donation to the Central Asia Institute ( 3 cups of tea) on behalf of all of you who have given. Please think about donating $5 if you haven't yet. The cost of a coffee and biscotti. I am excited about what we've done. A little from many accomplishes a lot! Here is the link to the post I wrote about it. Also I will add your name to a draw I am doing for those who have participated:)

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Pearl said...

Sorry to say, your site isn't taking my donation/card. Hmm. Don't know what to do.

Kerstin said...

Hi Shelagh, thanks for visiting my blog the other day and leaving your lovely comment! I am glad you did because now I found YOU! Love your images, both photographic and painted, so talented and creative. Take good care, Kerstin