Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Every time I spell Wednesday I have to almost spell it in my head as I write. It's the nes.:)

The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. We are lucky to have such a wonderful gallery in a small city like ours. It is a place I really should visit more often., they have a remarkable array of work. There is a pretty cafe on site too:) I happened to look up and see the figure from the building across the street reflected in the window.

Today is a damp grey one, up and down our weather goes. Like a yo yo. It is the same everywhere. Mother nature adjusting her girdle.

Every now and then I watch one of my fave cooks on Youtube. Last night I had a mini festival to myself. I love the way they shoot her segments. Like a European film. Have a quick 3.5 minute break:) Does it make you want to rush off to the kitchen:?

December Views
My 3 Cups of Tea December Fundraiser , Thanks to all who have donated so far:))


Suzie Ridler said...

I have yet to go to that art gallery but will one day in the spring when I know for sure the weather has improved. It's very bipolar here! I'm loving the spring weather today but what the heck?

Oh Nigella, she's so wonderful. And she's right, making soup shouldn't be complicated. I never thought of putting star anise in soup though! I will have to try that.

The squirrels need help too, so true!

I wish I didn't live so far away from Costco, you're right, it would save me a bundle.

Ronnie said...

Good Morning, Shelagh.
I enjoy your photography very much. It has become something I look forward to as I have my morning tea.
Thank you!
You're right about the weather and the girdle thing. It was 70 degrees here yesterday and then, Flip! Flop! snow is forecast for north of Atlanta today. Stay warm! What kind of camera do you use?

Babette Fraser Hale said...

I love Nigella! Not the least for the fact that she's softig, yet beautiful. I met her father once when I lived in London. Very impressive. Soup sounds wonderful today and she does make it sound easy! Even the ironing looks easy. I never smile when I iron...

Leslie Rubio said...

Good Afternoon Shelagh!

Love that reflection in the window-looks pretty cool, but also a little creepy-like she's a ghost or something.

And yes, what kind of camera do you use? I'm thinking about purchasing a new 1 and don't know much about digital. I still have my dinosaur manual Minolta that you have to load film in to-I'll always keep that but would like to upgrade the digital that I use-it's not even mine!

Anyhoo, soup sounds good-we're in the upper 60's today here in Virginia-warm one!

Loads of love,

aliceinparis said...

Hiya, Thanks. I use a Nikon d300 for my pics now but before this one, I had a Canon Powershot which is what I used for most of the pics on the right in my Broomhill pictures shop:)

Kathy said...

Love the photo...don't like the kitchen. Wish I could have a chef! cold here in Illinois.