Saturday, December 6, 2008


Holiday Spirit just listed on eBay Did this yesterday. I am so behind with my painting!

This morning started abruptly with daughter up ten minutes before she had to leave the house for a psychology exam! She'd slept through her alarm, a result of late night studying and her friend was coming to pick her up any minute. Cue funny music and fast forward action:)

Anyway, she's out now and the house is quiet. We are going to see a sold out Pantomime this afternoon produced by the oldest community theatre group in Canada, maybe even North America! A friend of mine is one of the dwarves. Hi C!!! My mum and daughter and I have been going since H was about 5 years old. It is one of our traditions. I love the Panto, everyone screams at the villains and helps the hero and heroines. There is always a female lead played by a man, lots of music and hilarity.

Here's my December View for today. A shot of the Bank of Nova Scotia on Granville Street down near the waterfront. We have a lot of lovely old buildings in this small city. I love the December light and shadows.

Until Dec 15th, 3 Cups of Tea fundraiser please have a look :)


Leslie Rubio said...

I love this kitty painting. I know what you mean about being behind on painting. It's Saturday 9am-taking some time to visit blog friends/artists and then it's time to paint-all day long!

Enjoy your mime!

Uncommon Depth said...

Cute illustration. I was just having a conversation about not being able to draw like this. I took a lot of art classes in school, but it was always focused on realism. So now I'm trying to learn this style of art - without much success!

Anonymous said...

i love your work, the colours are just so vibrant and energetic. :)