Monday, December 29, 2008

last night's adventure

Yesterday, my mum heard an interview on CBC radio in the morning about a man who has been decorating his wee bay window every Christmas for the last twenty years. He starts the beginning of November. It is in a very rundown and quiet area of the city and all the people in the neighborhood look forward to seeing his display. We drove in last night to have a look. My picture does NOT do it any justice at all.
On the spur of the moment, we decided to knock on his door to thank him and tell him how marvelous it is. He graciously asked if we would like to come in and wow, what a sparkly and amazing place!!! Even the blades of his fan get the Christmas treatment:)

This is Mr. Bowden. He lives directly across from St Georges Round Church, a round wooden church built by Queen Victoria's father, the Duke of Kent. He was sitting on his front steps June 1994, the night it caught blazing fire and nearly burnt to the ground. The minister stood next to him, crying his eyes out. What a night that was.

Here is is demonstrating the songs on his latest addition, a carousel.

His dog Daisy lies in front of the TV. His last dog, a German Shepard lived to be 17 years old.


Vivienne said...

what an incredible story! i'm so glad you knocked on his door!

My Inspired Reality said...

Shelagh, thank you for sharing Mr. Bowden and his wonderful story - what a wonderful tradition for him and his neighborhood:):)

Happy New Year.

Leslie Rubio said...

Wow-this guy really knows how to decorate in the Christmas theme-you're lucky you knocked on the door so you could see the rest of his magic!

Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday early!

Happy New Year too!
PS I received the print and I love it!

Rhondi said...

Hi Shelagh
I saw your comment on Marie's blog so I thought I'd come for a visit. What an amazingly decorated house. You just have to smile when you see it! I love tea and art too.